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How Can We Help You?

At All About Real Estate LLC, we can help homeowners with all kinds of difficult situations! You name it, and we can help! Below you’ll find some of the everyday situations we encounter when working with people who need to sell their houses in South Florida!

Costly Repairs? / Sell AS-IS Condition

Does your property have a lot of repairs that have been neglected or are too costly to do? Have storm or even hurricane damage? Or maybe your property was a victim of a fire or flood. Our team works with homeowners all the country who need to sell their home AS-IS and fast! We’ll handle all the repairs, buying your property as-is!

Facing Foreclosure?

Nobody wants to lose their home to the bank or have their credit destroyed. The feeling as if your home will be taken away for missed payments isn’t something anyone wants to deal with. When you sell your house directly to All About Real Estate LLC, you will be able to receive your cash right away and we will ensure that the creditors will stop harassing you. We can close as quickly as you need us to… before the banks come knocking!

Probate / Inherited Home?

A house in probate can be very stressful. Losing a loved one, then having to manage their affairs can take its toll. At All About Real Estate LLC, we specialize in helping people with their inherited properties. We can help you liquidate the property so you can move on in peace.

Hostile Tenants / Squatters?

If you’re a rental property owner, you’ll know that there are all kinds of tenants out there. Some are great. They pay their rent on time, they keep the house in good shape, and they communicate with you should there be a problem. On the other hand, there are those tenants that look good on paper but ultimately turn the situation into a nightmare. Maybe you have to chase down your rent each month, maybe they’ve damaged the property, or maybe they are even refusing to leave after you’ve asked them too. The eviction process can be tedious, lengthy, and expensive. If your property hasn’t been performing as you need it to, maybe it’s time you put your money elsewhere! At All About Real Estate LLC, we buy properties that are occupied by tenants or squatters – hostile or not – and we can even buy them without inspecting them too!

Violations / Liens?

Having a lien on your house can prevent you from selling it the traditional way. Pretty soon you may find yourself overwhelmed with cities/counties that are unreasonable and force your back to the wall. We have many attorneys and connections at municipalities that afford us the opportunity to fight back. You may even have IRS/tax problems or a contractors lien on the property. We’ve seen them all and we will fight all of them. Either way, our team can help you sell your house fast and can assume all of those headaches on your chosen closing date without delays!

Unable To Show / Hoarder?

Maybe you’ve lived in the house for many years and have accumulated a lot of stuff. We mean a lot of stuff, too. Or perhaps you work from home or out of state and aren’t able to show the property as much as you need to to be successful. If your house has a lot of clutter, it can be expensive to get everything cleaned up, stored, and may even expose other needed repairs. When you sell to us, you won’t have to do any cleaning whatsoever! Take what you want to keep, and we will handle the rest!

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